Boating Light Sticks

The Cyalume light sticks for your safety on board

To ensure your safety in the event of an incident at sea, your personal buoyancy aids and life jackets must be equipped with illuminated light that provides visibility and a battery life of at least 6 hours so that you can be seen and rescued quickly.

Indeed, it is very difficult to locate a person in distress at sea if he does not have a light signal at night. Each individual on the boat must have a lifejacket fitted with a light device (fixed by a hook or a carabiner). The safety of everyone on the boat is fundamental.

Be prepared when practicing water sports. Indeed, whatever the place, once a man has fallen into the water, lighting is essential to be able to locate him quickly in order to organize the rescue effectively.

The uses of the light stick on board a ship

One of the many advantages of the luminous stick is undoubtedly its versatility and ease of use.

A light stick for survival at sea

In the event of someone falling into the sea, as we have seen above, a lighting and signal system is essential. With a duration of up to 12 hours, Cyalume lighting solutions can be seen very well in the night over more than a mile. Thanks to this distress signal, it will be easier for the emergency teams to locate yourself, especially at night.

In case of electrical damage aboard the boat, the Cyalume stick will light your way

You may actually be required to use it as an emergency light during your night time navigation if your equipment on the boat is damaged. In this case, you should know that there are luminous tubes of different colours: white, red and green. This is a good alternative to starboard or larboard light, masthead and stern light.

In case of an electrical problem on your ship, you may need to use the Cyalume light sticks in order to have supplementary lighting at night or even during the day in the dark places of the boat, where there are no portholes or openings allowing the daylight to come inside.

For parking position reporting, the Cyalume stick indicates your position

In order to be seen by other boats, especially at night when visibility is reduced or in misty weather, you must be able to signal yourself.

Also for energy saving purposes, you may need to use the Cyalume stick light to report your boat when anchoring at sea. You will be able to avoid using the batteries of your boat. Therefore, you will not weaken them during long hours.

They can also be very useful for fishing boats which are often in anchorage at night so they can indicate their position. As a precaution, always have light sticks with you to ensure you always have extra light when needed.

Advices on choosing the right light stick when boating

The Cyalume ligh sticks are available in different colours but it is recommended to choose the green colour since it is the easiest to distinguish at sea.

To turn on the chemiluminescent light, simply fold the stick to break the glass capsule inside and you will get an intense light source for about 12 hours with a range of about 1 nautical mile i.e. 1.6 kilometres.

The Cyalume light sticks are made of plastic. They are autonomous (without batteries), small, light and waterproof. Their high reliability, allows you a lighting in any circumstances and a powerful light. By choosing the Cyalume luminescent sticks, you are assured to have a non-toxic, waterproof, heat-free and eco-friendly product.

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