Bike Light Sticks

Under the rain, when there is a foggy weather, or even when night falls and darkness comes at a great pace, cyclists must remain visible to cars. Cyalume advises you so you can protect yourself and ensure your safety.

Cyalume Light Sticks and cycling : the recipe for safety on roads and paths

Cycling when climatic conditions lead to poor visibility is often synonymous to accidents due to the lack of visibility of cyclists. Indeed, you need to be well equipped to optimize your visibility for cars. Not to mention the helmet and reflective clothing, which are obviously essential safety elements, it seems complementary to us that you equip yourself with a light stick that allows the diffusion of an intense light in order to send a light signal to those who share the roads with you.


Small, waterproof, practical and very easy to use, you can quickly fix your light stick on your equipment or on your bike, using a hook or a carabiner. This extra light can help you in the event of a flat tire: if you need to change your inner tube in the dark, the light stick will provide you with some light well welcomed in difficult conditions. You will thus be assured that you will be seen from afar and distinctly.

For your night-time mountain bike trips, you need a light stick Cyalume

Thanks to its long battery life, the Cyalume stick gives you a powerful, long-lasting light for a sensational MTB session. One of its many advantages lies in its high impact resistance. This means you will be able to evolve on all types of grounds, even the most rugged, your fluorescent light will follow you on all tracks.


These light signals that you fix to your bike or on yourself also allows you to be seen from far away and over a long period of time (several hours). You can also use these light sticks to identify the different participants on your bike tour : the luminous tagging of the cyclists is done by assigning each one a glow stick, you can vary the colour of the lights to distinguish teams by choosing different colours of sticks.


You now have enough equipment to bike in any situation and in complete safety. Find all our products on our online shop.

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