Airsoft Light Sticks

Light sticks can be used in outdoors activities such as airsoft to identify players of each team or delimit the playground on which they operate.

Identify your Airsoft team with the Cyalume Light Sticks

You can provide participants with light sticks. They produce an intense light which will help you in differentiating them. This outdoor activity is played as a team, so it is helpful to visualize the members of your own team during a game of airsoft.


These sticks can easily be attached with hooks or carabiners on your equipment. They will allow the diffusion of an intense and long-lasting light. These glow sticks guarantee a high visibility throughout your airsoft game.


Available in different colours, in order to distinguish your teammates and the opposing team, these sticks are waterproof and resistant to shocks. You can also provide all players with different colours of sticks so that each person can let others know if they have an issue, if they have been hit or if they are out of the game. The light sticks make it possible to spot a player right away, thus stop or pause the game. This luminous equipment can also be used at night for your games of airsoft: you will distinguish the teams in a much easier way.

The Cyalume light sticks to mark the playing field

Airsoft is generally played over large areas. It is, therefore, advised to secure the perimeter and mark the field so participants know in which perimeter they can go. Thanks to their long autonomy, the intense light will remain constant for several hours for the greatest enjoyment of all the players.


Marking the field with the autonomous lights is also a very good way to signal yourself to walkers or people nearby that there is a perimeter of safety which must not be crossed.


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