White Paper

Cyalume has published a White Paper devoted to emergency lighting and the ways it can be provided. The White Paper reviews a number of cases: risk management situations facing institutions, companies and public bodies every day.

The principle of precaution and the indispensable emergency and evacuation plans, and rescue plans, raise questions that underline the need to think out beforehand and plan for these different cases.

It is in this context that Cyalume, in its White Paper, explains how the Cyalume lightsticks can be the answer to such issues.

An overview of the problem situations covered:

  • Risk No. 1: evacuated people move around areas without lighting, even emergency lighting
  • Risk No. 2: the building’s emergency lighting fails before the power comes back on
  • Risk No. 3: the emergency lighting in place does not work when it is most needed
  • Risk No. 4: the emergency lighting is not bright enough or the color is unsuitable for the needs
  • Risk No. 5: the emergency lighting fails exactly at the time it is required
  • Risk No. 6: servicing and maintenance work on emergency lighting may require considerable financial resources and consume a lot of time