Differentiation between Cyalume and other products

In what way are Cyalume products different from the other products that can be found in the market?

Cyalume products are produced by Cyalume, a guarantee concerning the quality of the substances used and the performance of the products, thanks to constant Research and Development work, a warrant of manufacturing quality which has proved its worth and is synonymous with reliability.

Suppliers use our trademark illegally and try to imitate our formulations.

Cyalume Technologies defends its brands and patents, and will take legal action against anybody using its trademarks illicitly, in violation of its intellectual property rights.

How does the ChemLight 15cm lightstick, often called simply the Cyalume lightstick, differ from the competition ?

The Cyalume lightstick has a hexagonal tube preventing it from rolling on the floor or any flat surface, unlike the competition’s products in which the tube is often rounded. In this way, ChemLight lightsticks on the ground are unlikely to cause soldiers to slip on them or to lose their balance. They guarantee safety during training or on operations.

If a soldier steps on a Cyalume lightstick, it will stop rolling immediately and will not prevent the operation from going on.

Light sticks with a cylindrical tube can represent risks of falling. They are often used as toys or festive objects and have not been thought out or designed for military applications. The slips that these light sticks can cause can result in substantial damage (health and safety risks, broken legs, hematomas etc.) and result in operational failure.

The Cyalume ChemLight has a specific rugged nonreturn hook with a line attachment. The hook has a polarizing catch allowing the hook opening to be identified at night or in the dark. The grommet in the ChemLight hook has a hole for attaching a lanyard or a twist tie. It also has an anti-return capability providing additional assurance during operations.

The Cyalume ChemLight is manufactured to particularly severe specifications meeting the terms of the NATO standards. They are the only NATO tested and approved lightsticks making them part of the products available for purchasing from the NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency). For more information about NSN and NSPA click here.


Cyalume products are manufactured in France and in the USA

Cyalume factories are based in Aix-en-Provence and in West Springfield, MA in the United States.

Cyalume guarantees products available in stock with fast delivery. Our customer service is available to provide you with the highest quality of service.


Cyalume products are phthalate free and nonflammable.

Our products are 100% phthalate free using a patented formulation. All our products are free of DBP (Dibutly Phthalate). This is important when you know that the DBP in the light sticks produced in Asia is listed as an extremely harmful substance, prohibited in the European market.

To find out whether a product contains DBP and/or alcohol, check the SDS data sheets.

The Cyalume Safety Data Sheets (SDS) certify that our products do not contain any alcohol. It means that our products are nonflammable before and after activation.

Phthalates are chemicals to be found in everyday products and that are widely used by other light stick manufacturers. Many phthalates are prohibited for reasons of public health because they are considered to be endocrine disruptive, capable of causing problems in the reproductive system, or being at the origin of cancer.

At Cyalume Technologies, there is a strong commitment to sustainable development, with the manufacture of greener and more reliable products. All the Cyalume products are 100% phthalate free, using patented formulations.


Cyalume products are certified for confined areas (ATEX qualified for explosive atmosphere).

All our products are certified for confined areas (ATEX). They can be used safely in confined areas or explosive atmospheres./p>

Safety is an essential concern for professionals, like miners or offshore maintenance technicians. It is important for them to have a dependable source of light which is compatible with explosive areas (near gas, petrol, oil etc.)


Cyalume has ISO 9001 qualification.

The work and manufacture procedures comply with this standard, guaranteeing high quality work and service.


Cyalume is in conformity with the REACH regulations.

Cyalume is fully compliant with REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).For more information……


Cyalume SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available.

All our SDS data sheets are available on request in several languages..

Every manufacturer must be able to supply SDS data sheets complying with the EU regulations, issued by an accredited body and covering 16 points.

An SDS produced by the manufacturer alone is not valid.


Cyalume products have a proven shelflife.

Cyalume guarantees shelf lives of 4 years for the ChemLight 15cm lightsticks and 5 years for the SnapLight 15 cm 12 hour lightsticks.

For an overview of the shelf lives of the other products, click here.


Cyalume products come with guaranteed performance.

Performance in terms of color, intensity, glow duration, product shelflife is guaranteed for Cyalume products. These light sticks comply with and go beyond the requirements of military specifications.


Why don’t Cyalume products have EC markings?

Cyalume products are recommended for military operations and every type of application concerning safety and security.

The EC marking (EN 71) is a European standard intended for toys. In the European Union, it is prohibited to use the EN 71 standard dedicated to toys on products that are not intended for children. Accordingly, Cyalume products sold to military or safety/security professional users do not bear an EC marking because they are not intended to be used by children.