Lightsticks used during Natural Disaster Rescue operations

Lightsticks are essential when people’s lives depend on them

Because Cyalume lightsticks are extremely reliable, they can produce instant lighting when lives depend on it.

They can be used by rescue teams, in particular in the event of natural disasters such as seismic events/earthquakes, landslides, flooding, tsunamis

  • Civil protection, emergency preparedness
  • Emergency lighting
  • Evacuation lighting
  • Rescue signaling
  • Maintenance operations

To be ready for an earthquake, or a crisis due to a natural disaster that might occur, Cyalume lightsticks are safe and reliable lighting solutions, easy to include in safety kits or survival kits.

Carrying one or several lightsticks in a survival kit means you have an immediate source of temporary lighting to light up a zone, a building, or to allow localization or give an alert.

Cyalume lightsticks are easy to use and are multifunctional

When a zone is suddenly hit by a natural disaster, like an earthquake, or a flood that may wipe out almost everything in a town, power lines go down and access becomes impracticable, sometimes totally barred. Search and rescue teams must then screen through the rubble to seek any survivors. In cases like this, lightsticks are practical to highlight the explored and verified zones, and to mark out the access routes. Lightsticks are the ideal solution to be included in emergency rescue preparatory packs, unlike electric lights which can’t be used when there is no power, or because of the danger they represent in case of gas leaks. At any time a spark can cause an explosion.

Ideal for medical triage

Doctors on the spot also use Cyalume lightsticks or VisiPad or LightShape markers for the triage of disaster victims. A simple color code can be used to identify the care required by each victim. The color corresponds to the level of urgency. This medical triage obviously makes crisis management easier, indicating the required care priorities to the emergency doctors.

Simple and efficient in school contexts

The French government recently toughened the risk management directives, covering natural risks. Accordingly, in the PPMS (Plan Particulier de Mise en Sûreté) (Emergency safety plan) cases, now mandatory in schools, the use of battery-powered flashlights is recommended. Because of the complexity of using these flashlights (ensuring that the batteries have not depleted on D-Day, the necessary safety when evacuating children in the dark, the high unit cost of flashlights …), many schools are now rather opting for Cyalume lightsticks. They are particularly cheap and offer a 5-year lifespan as long as they are kept in their original packing. They are the ideal solution for dealing with a power cut, generating light when the conventional systems no longer work.>

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