15inch Impact lightstick (40cm)

The 15 inch IMPACT lightstick (40cm) is the only light stick activated on impact with the ground

The Cyalume 15 inch (40 cm) ground impact lightstick activates automatically on impact with the ground. It is used by the military or by law enforcement forces to create a surprise effect during tactical operations, or to illuminate a room or an area where access is difficult or risky.


When the lightstick activates on impact, it generates instantaneous light without disclosing your position. It can be used in a variety of situations, for instance:

  • Marking out an emergency landing zone on the ground,
  • Surprising and diverting the attention of your adversary,
  • Indicating an immediate danger: locating the presence of a suspect in a dark room without giving your position away,
  • Air drops: identification of parcels on impact with the ground,
  • Identification of torpedoes for faster withdrawal by the Navy


Available as visible and infrared versions, the 15 inch (40 cm) Impact light stick is the biggest in the Cyalume range, producing high-quality light in any situation. The ends are each fitted with a ring.

  • Packets (products in the same color)

    • 5 pcs
    • 20 pcs

  • Durations and colors

    • 12 hours | Green, Yellow, Red
    • 8 hours | Blue, White
    • 3 hours | Infrared
    • 5 minutes | Orange Ultra-HI

  • Shelf life

    • 4 years
    • 3 years for Infrared
    • 2 years for Ultra Orange HI 5 min

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