Light sticks for Military and Law Enforcement

Tactical lighting meeting the needs of soldiers on operations or in training

Invented more than 45 years ago under the prompting of the U.S. Navy, the Cyalume light stick is today known and used by troops all over the world, forming part of the equipment assigned to every soldier, in the theater of operations and for training.

The military range of chemical lights by Cyalume bears the ChemLight tradename and comprises a dozen or so products each being available in several sizes, glow times, visible and infrared colors, to more than cover the needs of the Armed Forces in terms of marking, lighting and identification…

Infrared lighting for special operations

Highly strategic operations, like those carried out by special forces, special police units like SWAT, RAID, GIGN etc, specialized commanders for specialized police services seeking discrete identification solutions use them for identification, marking and signaling in the course of their operations.

Cyalume’s IR product range addresses this need for discretion because it combines a chemiluminescent technology with infrared light, visible only through nightvision goggles (NVG). Cyalume products are also available as IR versions in almost every size and shape. See the section dedicated to Cyalume IR products for more information…