LightStation Model 4 & 10

LightStation model 4 and 10 evacuation boxes containing 10” (25cm), 4 hour lightsticks

The LightStations are boxes containing lightsticks ready for use in case of evacuation. They are stored in these boxes so that they can be used immediately in the event of a power cut.


Models 4 and 10 of the LightStation evacuation boxes are made of steel, designed to withstand fire and explosion. Accordingly, they are compatible with underground regulations. Respectively, they contain 4 or 10 10” (25 cm) lightsticks with 4-hour glow times, in yellow or red. In addition, the thickness of the LightStations is minimized so that they do not stand too proud of the supporting surface and passengers can lean against them because the rounded angles are not liable to injure them.


The LightStations have anti-break-in pins making it possible to check with ease whether the box has already been opened. It requires a specific tool to remove the anti-break-in pin.


The LightStation evacuation systems have a photoluminescent label on the front so that the LightStation can be identified immediately in the dark in the event of a power outage. The label bears in black letters “PULL – EMERGENCY LIGHTS”, a message that is clear, easy to understand and that can be identified from some distance thanks to the size of the label, by passengers, residents or users.

When the box is opened, all the 10” SnapLight (25cm) lightsticks are activated automatically and can be used as emergency light for evacuating a building. They can also be used to create a light point by leaving one light stick in the box. The Cyalume light sticks produce independent personal lighting which can be used as a dependable and instant emergency light for totally safe evacuation. These emergency lights reassure the evacuees and lessens the panic level.


These LightStation boxes can be installed in different places because of their flatness and small overall size:

  • in corridors,
  • near stairs, fire extinguishers, emergency exits,
  • in technical racks,


These evacuation systems with emergency lighting are ideal equipment for different types of shapes or structures open to the public, for instance:

  • hotels, schools and universities, hospitals, public buildings, offices and technical premises
  • cruise ships ,
  • trains,
  • buses…


We propose site audits enabling us to recommend the equipment for your infrastructure. Tests can also be considered. Contact us for more information!

  • Packets:

    • 1 pcs
    • 6 pcs (Model 4) or 4 pcs (Model 10)

  • Durations and colors

  • 10” SnapLight (25cm)* lightsticks used in the LightStation:

    • 4 hours | Yellow, Red*

    *For the red 10” (25cm) lightsticks, there is a minimum order requirement: 2000pcs.

    **SnapLight lighsticks are not included in the LightStation packages.

  • Shelf life

    •  4 years for the 10” (25cm) 4 h SnapLight

SnapLight refill for LightStation

10” SnapLight refill (25cm) for your LightStation Model 4, 10 and 20 are available.

Tamper-proof pin for LightStation

Tamper-proof pins for your  LightStation Model 4, 10 and 20 are available in pack of 25pcs.

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