Lightsticks for safety and security

Cyalume safety / security lightsticks are essential for personal safety and infrastructure security

Cyalume offers a wide range of lighted products essential for everybody’s safety. These independent chemiluminescent units produce light wherever you are and in all circumstances, thanks to their 100% guaranteed reliability and easy use.

Cyalume lights comprise a variety of products:

  • the lightsticks which come in a variety of sizes, colors and durations
  • the self-adhesive light patches or light markers, and wristbands
  • Boxes containing lightsticks to be wall-mounted, known as evacuation boxes
  • a host of accessories designed to facilitate the use of the lightsticks

Cyalume lightsticks: chemical light in every shape and size

Available in several sizes, shapes and colors, the Cyalume products handle a wide range of functions. Looking for rescue lighting? Backup lighting? A marking system to be set up quickly? There is a dedicated Cyalume product that meets your current needs…

The lightsticks are easy to carry as a means of forestalling danger or marking out an area. The lightsticks are ideal for marking and identification: the adhesive side can be used for attaching a light patch with ease, and additional information can be written on the patch .

SnapLight 15cm lightsticks are particularly versatile for use in many situations.

  • marking out dangerous environments,
  • marking out secure zones,
  • identifying people, machines and equipment
  • signaling dangers, obstacles and difficult points of passage …

Whatever the situation, there will be a suitable Cyalume product to provide safety: safety by light, by making the light a reliable source of safety to lessen the risks…

Easy to transport and making use particularly simple by a simple twist: “Bend and shake” and the chemical lights is activated. This way of producing cold light or chemical light is obtained by the mixing of two chemical compounds producing a chemical change. Bending the lightstick breaks the bulb contained in it and the two chemical solutions inside the stick generate light.

Lighted emergency signals / Markers or light patches

To mark people or buildings, or to help in emergency location tasks, Cyalume offers a variety of lighting solutions:

  • emergency signals like the PML (personal Marker Light) or an SOS, forming a lighted circle, once activated and used with its lanyard,
  • light patches: rectangular or circular lighted patches to be attached to people to identify them, or to walls and windows of structures to be marked out,
  • Flexbands which are lighted wristbands used for marking and identification, being easy to attach…

Evacuation boxes / Supports or wall-mounted boxes containing lightsticks for emergency evacuation

To guarantee the safe egress of people in buildings (administration buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls etc.), means of transport (trains, cruise boats, etc.) and to better organize evacuation in the dark or when the lights go out, Cyalume has developed boxes or systems containing lightsticks:

  • LightStation , Models 4, 10 or 20 are fire resisting boxes containing yellow 25 cm lightsticks capable of glowing for 4 hours. They can be posted in corridors, near emergency exits or in safety cabinets with access reserved for safety personnel,
  • Photolum Plates: these photoluminescent plates are fitted with two 15 cm Snaplight sticks bonded to the plate and are easy to mount to the wall by simple double-sided adhesive tape or nails,
  • SEE Systems: plastic evacuation boxes containing two 15cm yellow SnapLights with a two-hour duration.