Cone adapter for glow sticks

The cone adapter for glow sticks can be used alone or fixed to the top of a safety cone also called a traffic cone, a construction cone or a Lübeck cone. This improves the visibility of the glow stick and allows you to take advantage of its 360° light surface. Orange in color, the cone adapters can used with Cyalume sticks for:

  • marking construction site boundaries
  • marking the site of an accident
  • warning that there is a hazard

Cone adapters improve glow stick visibility. The adapters are easily stored by nesting into one another. To use a cone adapter, push a SnapLight stick into the top of the accessory and place on top of a safety cone for optimal stability.





Dimensions and Weight (individual unit)

Height: 135 mm Diameter: 77 mm Weight: 48 g

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