Lightsticks for maritime transport

Being 100% reliable, buoyant and light to transport, Cyalume lightsticks can be used anywhere and at any time. For water transport Cyalume lightsticks can be used as emergency lights for passenger evacuation or for mustering crew and passengers.

On commercial ships and liners carrying goods, the light sticks can be used as emergency and individual lights. They can also generate the light needed for maintenance and repair work at night, or in dark places.

CyFlect reflective and photoluminescent products can also serve to mark out or light certain parts of the ships that can be considered dangerous, for instance the tops and bottoms of the door, step noses, and other structures that need highlighting…

Safety lighting on cruise vessels

There are more and more cruises made every year and the principles concerning precautions to be established regarding the risks that may be incurred mean that cruise companies are seeking simple and easily implemented lighting solutions to ensure passenger and crew safety.

-the LightStation (wall-mounted boxes distributing 4, 10 or 20 light sticks) can be used for the emergency lighting needed when passengers and crew members go to a mustering point when there is a possibility of having to leave the vessel. This product is also advisable in the engine rooms and the other areas shared by the crew,

-the S.E.E. System (boxes containing 2 lightsticks) are recommended in the quarters intended for the crew,

– PML (Personal Marker Lights) are used as an additional source of light on lifejackets,

-the large Non-Impact 40cm lightsticks are used by each mustering team PIC (Person in Command) to guide people and show them the way from the mustering points to the evacuation points/lifeboats. They can also be attached to worksite cones (Lubeck cones) with a cone adapter. This increases the range of the light and makes the mustering point easy to see.

-the SnapLight 15cm lightsticks are used as local lights for the passengers (emergency lighting in the cabins); it is practical to have one at hand in the event of a power cut,

-the VisiPad rectangular self-adhesive pads can be useful for medical triage,

-Cyflect retro-reflective and photoluminescent honeycomb bands can be used for marking out mustering points, evacuation routes, doors, steps and stairs…

These various lighting solutions add to the safety of the crews and passengers, preparing them for failures, or bad outside weather conditions, requiring local lighting or emergency lighting.

Maintenance lightsticks for boats, ships and liners

Ships carrying dry or liquid goods, also called freight or cargo ships, must carry specific lighting systems of a suitable type to provide light even in the event of a power failure, and to have enough light to perform any necessary maintenance and repair work.

During mechanical maintenance, it is essential to feel safe. In a ship’s engine room, a slide or a hard fall can be caused by a puddle of oil or an object on the floor. And above decks, accidents can also happen, especially at the end of the day when the light begins to dim.

To forestall these accidents and risks of sliding and falling for the crew, it is better to indicate an obstacle or a working zone by floor markings. Cyalume recommends lightsticks, for this purpose, for instance the Non-Impact 40cm lightstick or the SnapLight 15 cm version.

In the event of a power cut Cyalume lightsticks can be used immediately because of their 100% reliable operation: this lighting is ready at any time.

Light used as a lure for industrial fishing

Often used for industrial fishing, the ChemLight 15cm sticklights, are attached to a line between two open-sea fishing hooks. The light attracts plankton or small fish which, in turn, attract larger fish. The 24-hour glow time means that two fishing shifts can be performed with the same lightstick.

Cyalume lightsticks are also ideal for big game fishing for tuna or swordfish because, for instance, they can imitate the light of squid. The green color is the best for fishing because it offers the highest performance for this type of application.

Being visible at up to 1.6km, waterproof and buoyant, they generatelight through 360° ° in various colors to identify the boats during night fishing (night mooring) or to mark out boats for night-time sailing (emergency lights). They are also particularly useful as a replacement for the boat’s lights.

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