Lighsticks for Air use

Lighting for plane and helicopter landing zones

During the landing or takeoff of a plane or helicopter, visibility at night or when the weather conditions are bad (fog, rain or snow, …) is a priority for a pilot. Cyalume lightsticks can be used in these situations for

  • ground marking in a landing zone at the ends, at the middle and in the center of the runway, using different colors, as a visual landing aid known as a precision approach path indicator (PAPI)
  • lighted signals / lighted markers, when the lightsticks are used by a marshaller on the ground to guide aircraft that have landed (with 40cm lightsticks)

Flare Alternative 20cm and 25cm lightsticks were designed to provide efficient ground marking by means of metal supports raising the lightsticks. When placed in a helicopter landing zone, on a helideck or a helipad, it makes it easier to land a helicopter at night, or in poor visibility conditions. The lightsticks are particularly useful as airport marking lights for airports in the field or an aerodrome without any signaling equipment, or only the most rudimentary.

These lighted markers make approach, takeoff and landing operations easier for aircraft and helicopters.

Cyalume lightsticks can also be part of rescue or emergency kits, kept in the cockpit to deal with technical issues or power failures …

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