Lighting for old people’s homes

Emergency lighting is essential for the elderly

In EHPAD (accommodation facilities for the dependent elderly), medicalized retirement homes and other facilities for old people, Cyalume helps to fulfill the French requirements of decree 2007-1344 of 12 September 2007, stipulating that it is indispensable to “provide for measures to ensure the safety of the accommodated people in the event of the power network failing”.


The Cyalume solutions are designed to avoid falls and panic with 100% reliable and self-contained products which work every time:


  • Evacuation lighting systems with LightStation boxes containing light sticks can be installed near the rooms on the various floors of the retirement home, or near the emergency exits
  • Individual comfort light using a 12” (30 cm) or 6” (15cm) lightstick
  • Maintenance lighting for repair works in confined places where the light is low (6 inch light stick 15cm)


Cyalume fluo lightsticks are danger-free and do not need batteries, unlike candles and flashlights. The lights are ideal for retirement homes, for the safety and peace of mind of the residents and of the caregiver supervisory staff.

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