Safety of public events

Lightsticks go with you when you go out

If you are going to a concert, or a sports event such as a football match, or an exhibition, a music festival or a celebration like 14 July, public safety becomes particularly important and the precautions taken with respect to the current risks of terrorist attack have been greatly strengthened.

Now, every event is covered by a reinforced safety and alert plan, in which emergency backup lighting becomes particularly important.


For safety at an event, or the management of a sports event, Cyalume light tubes:

  • contribute to the safety of the responder teams, marking all the people in charge of security, identify them, and reinforcing safety in the event of an incident,
  • facilitate emergency action: lighted markers can be used for medical triage and establishing an order of priority for the treatment of the injured,
  • facilitate evacuations: Cyalume lights are portable and self-contained, allowing easy identification in the dark; they facilitate emergency egress by providing the necessary light,
  • avoid panic effects: a lightstick can reassure somebody suffering from shock caused by an accident, an attack or any other type of unforeseeable event. Having an independent and reliable means of light identification means that you can see and be seen in the obscurity, or in total darkness, restoring your calm and in consideration of the fact that the sequels of a shock like this can vary.

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