Emergency lights for schools

Emergency lighting adapted to the school PPMS emergency cases

After the events that struck France at the end of 2015, the circular No. 2015-206 of 25 November 2015 requires that all the tools for schoolchild and personnel prevention and protection be mobilized for systematic deployment around the schools, in conjunction with local communities, especially City Hall’s and police and gendarmerie services for the operation inside each school. .


Accordingly PPMS (Special Protection Plans) were sometimes updated to cope with major risks and maintain full efficiency. Lighting solutions are mandatory in the PPMS cases. Very often, this lighting consists of flashlights with batteries…


  • Have you given any thought to battery reliability?
  • How do you guarantee the safety of the children when an evacuation is in the dark?
  • Are there enough flashlights to guarantee cool-headed evacuation or confinement?

Cyalume light sticks are activated by a simple gesture and work every time! The light sticks are easy to use, producing light through 360°, glow for up to twelve hours and do not use a battery, they are maintenance free, non-toxic and nonflammable. Therefore, they are free of any risks for the children..

For a modest price per unit, Cyalume products are an easy and efficient solution enabling you to keep to the assigned budgets devoted to PPMS cases.

VisiPad markers, with self-adhesive surface on one side can be attached to people or to the walls. They can be used to identify schoolchildren or teachers, or to mark out the exit routes…

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