Emergency lighting for hotels

Emergency lighting solutions for the evacuation of hotel clients

Every hotel professional worries about the safety and comfort of their customers. Cyalume lightsticks consist of emergency lighting designed to allow people to find their way in the dark, avoiding accidental slips and falls.

Already used by the Hyatt and Intercontinental hotel groups, and many other renowned hotel chains, this lighting is easy to use, producing independent light when the stick is activated for a power outage, evacuation, or when light is necessary following any kind of disaster!


Three Cyalume products are recommended for integration into hotel risk management protocols:


  • The SnapLight 15 cm lightsticks with a possibility of customizing the packaging (see description below). With a very low cost per unit, the SnapLight 15 cm lightstick can be placed in each room, or given to the clients on arrival, or as a complimentary item provided in their rooms. For instance, a lightstick in the drawer of a bedside table provides reliable lighting, always ready to use in the event of a power outage.
  • The LightStation Model 4 and 10 evacuation boxes contain respectively 4 and 10 lightsticks. These emergency light boxes are particularly compact and contain SnapLight 25 cm lightsticks with a glow capability of 4 hours, activated automatically when the lid of the box is flipped down to open it.
  • The LightStation Model 20 emergency lightstick boxes containing 20 lightsticks. The LightStation Model 20, made of ultra-strong plastic, contains 20 lightsticks and can be mounted next to the emergency exits. When they are activated, the lightsticks produce light through 360° so as to be able to see and be seen in the dark.


Whatever option is taken, this type of lighting provides peace of mind in managing any type of crisis. The lightstick:

1. Can help avoid accidental slips and falls

2. Helps avoiding panic movements in the dark

3. Gives each guest a personal evacuation light

4. Facilitates the identification of the evacuees until the responders arrive, if the building has to be evacuated


In addition to hotels, holiday villages, tourist complexes, vacation centers with bungalows covering a large area can adopt this type of emergency lighting to mitigate any risks and help with evacuation conditions. Some of them have already decided to equip their emergency cases with lightsticks for marking out the routes and identifying the mustering points to be used if an emergency evacuation procedure is triggered. The shelf life duration of the lightsticks, up to five years, makes it easier to reach the decision to go ahead and invest in the solution, especially since the initial outlay is modest for a 100% reliable service. This lighting is not battery operated, does not need to be checked and maintained, and will operate dependably when the time comes.

A light stick with packaging customized in the livery of your hotel

To reassure your guests with a reliable source of light in their rooms, Cyalume makes it possible for you to strengthen your visual corporate identity on the individual packages of the 6” SnapLight (15cm) units.

They are available in six colors (green, yellow, red, orange, blue and white) and the customizing of the package can include your logo, your particulars or your slogan. You can also use them as goodies or promotional items.


Customized SnapLight sticks, a vector for the image of your hotel, will represent additional safety for your guests. You can put them in a minibar or in the drawer of a bedside table. Cyalume can handle the end to end customizing of the packaging, with your requirements in terms of the logo, the language and the design.

Other types of packaging customization are available, for instance cardboard packs containing three 15 cm lightsticks.


Whatever the chosen packaging solution, the light sticks are safer than a candle. They provide high visibility for between 8 and 12 hours with a shelf life span of 5 years. They do not give off heat, sparks or flames and will be a continuous safety element that your guests will not forget. SnapLight sticks are maintenance free, ready to use and to operate every time, unlike flashlights in which the batteries need to be checked and replaced regularly.

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