Lightsticks in public places

Cyalume® emergency lighting for public places to avoid accidental slips and falls in the dark

In the event of a power outage, fire or natural disasters like earthquakes, storms or floods, Cyalume lightsticks are the ideal solution for lighting, to avoid slips and falls, but also crowd panic movements in the dark.

Cyalume light solutions are 100% reliable making them essential for risk situations and allowing safe evacuation of guests and staff.

The SnapLight and LightStation models can be used to provide safety in hotels, schools, old people’s homes and hospitals …

LightStation, containing emergency light.

Available as models 4 and 10 or model 20, LightStations are boxes containing emergency lightsticks which can be activated when needed. Respectively, these boxes contain 4, 10 and 20 SnapLight 10″ (25cm) units generating 4 hours of lighting. On the front of the LightStation, there is a photoluminescent label marked “Pull, Emergency Light” designed to be located easily, even at a distance and in the dark.

Composition of the LightStation

Models 4 and 10 are made of explosion- and fire-proof metal. Model 20 is of thick and tough plastic. The LightStations are designed to withstand disasters like fire or explosion…

LightStations 4 and 10 have a very low profile, allowing them to be installed in any position where it is essential not to hinder passage.

How to use a LightStation?

The LightStations supply light activated automatically when the lid of the box is flipped down. Each lightstick generates a point of light and each guest is given a lightstick on their way out, to see where they are walking or to find their way. The lightsticks are drop-resistant and waterproof generating light through 360 degrees.

SnapLights provide strong light for 4 hours so that each evacuee is visible to the rescue teams. LightStations produce automatically emergency light and can be mounted near exit doors for calm evacuation, giving instant lighting in corridors and stairways. The boxes are easily refilled after use and do not require any source of power.

To provide for the safety of your guests, these LightStations improve your staff’s capability of controlling emergencies. They are an unquestionable alternative solution for backing up generators which will only run for 2 hours and which are costly to install, maintain and operate. Electric generators do not start instantly and there is always a delay before they start operating correctly. In addition, they are not environment-friendly.