Lightsticks in the industrial environment


Cyalume proposes lightsticks meeting demands and requirements for safety in confined spaces. Cyalume lightsticks can be used for their illuminating, identifying and protecting capabilities in the mining world. They can be used for marking, personal reconnaissance equipment in the dark and in some cases, for medical triage.

Every Cyalume lightstick meets the regulations in terms of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in the United States, for refuge chambers in the mines, and can be used for:

  • route marking
  • personnel identification
  • medical triage

With their high visibility in dangerous areas, Cyalume lightsticks are reliable and can be included in emergency kits for miner safety.

Cyalume products are non flammable, meaning that they comply with confined space rules, a plus point for miners who are constantly exposed to the possible emanation of underground gases.

Oil & Gas – Offshore

Cyalume Technologies is a dependable partner offering safety solutions for oil and gas industries, and especially for offshore operations. Our wide range of emergency lighting improves safety both for the infrastructure and for the crews working on the site.

These products are suitable for the following situations:

  • emergency evacuation,
  • marking of maintenance work,
  • added to first-aid kits,
  • underwater repairs used as a diving accessory
  • replenishing for marking a “breadcrumb” trail or a lifeline.

If one of the keys to our strategy is the safety of the teams and men working on a site, every situation, including the most unpredictable, must be considered and prepared for. It is absolutely essential to find the right answers to the questions raised by power outage, and during work at night: Cyalume proposes a reliable emergency lighting solution available at all times.

Emergency lighting solutions by Cyalume

The deep-reaching commitment of Cyalume Technologies to processes for environmental preservation and sustainable development guarantees that our solutions are safe in use. They are designed to save lives, addressing corporate concerns regarding offshore evacuation procedures. Safety for the people at work is also one of Cyalume’s primary considerations. Its range of lightsticks dedicated to industrial safety enables it to supply dependable and ready to use lighting products suitable for operation by the personnel working on offshore platforms or in gas or oil refineries under hazardous conditions.

As world leader for chemiluminescent lighting for safety and rescue applications, Cyalume supplies 100% reliable lighting that does not generate flames or sparks or give off heat or gas. The goal is to develop solutions that save lives with easy to use products.

All these products can be used in confined spaces, even those exposed to explosion risks. Furthermore, with a lifespan of 5 years, and without requiring a battery, our SnapLight lightsticks are always ready for use and operate dependably, without any need for servicing or maintenance.

LightStation, the wall-mounted evacuation system box

At the core of concerns among companies working in oil and gas, particularly when personnel are exposed, is the reduction of risks in emergencies. Developed through cooperation with the railway industry for conformity with underground traveling, and installed by the major offshore companies in the Middle East, the “LightStation” evacuation box is considered to be an essential safety device and a reference among the companies that are aware of risks and safety issues.

Being easily located in the dark thanks to its photoluminescent label, the LightStation, wall-mounted box is made of metal, resisting fire and explosion, providing personnel with guaranteed ease of use and safety, and enabling them to count on dependable light being available in an emergency. The LightStation product line includes emergency lighting boxes containing 4, 10 or 20 Snaplight lightsticks lasting 4 hours. When the box is opened (by hinging the front down), all the Snaplight sticks are activated (a single lightstick in the model 20 LightStation), readying them for use. They generate 360° radiation in order to see and to be seen.

Maintenance / Repair

In industry, there are many maintenance tasks and some take place at night or in very dark places where inspection is sometimes difficult. In a context like this, a company’s primary concerns are to minimize risks, raise the safety level and to have reliable means of lighting to maintain, repair and operate under optimal conditions.

That is why Cyalume Technologies proposes chemiluminescent light products, that are reliable and maintenance-free. They can be used as a backup light to illuminate or inspect, an emergency light, personal protective equipment (PPE) or as evacuation lights in many industrial firms.

Cyalume products ensure the safety of men at work and offer guaranteed efficiency.

When used as personal protective equipment, Cyalume products can be used for individual marking, providing clear and easy identification of personnel working on the site.

Lightsticks generate reliable lighting for the maintenance of equipment in confined spaces.

These lightsticks can be used for marking out hazardous areas, specific pieces of equipment, or specific intervention areas. They are a way of avoiding slips and falls. They can also show the way to an exit to avoid any crowd panic effects in the event of evacuation.

Professional diving / Underwater Repair / & maintenance

Cyalume offers a wide lightstick product line for diving activities, especially saturation diving, with reliable, independent and sealed underwater lighting for:

  • the marking of diving equipment (for instance a signal buoy indicating at the surface the presence of a diver in a zone),
  • differentiating between various divers,
  • indicating crane hooks during lifting operations,
  • lighting underwater search and rescue operations by professional divers,
  • connecting to a snorkel for use at the surface or under the water
  • marking out an area or equipment during underwater repairs
  • carrying out location before an operation
  • identifying an immersed works zone (work on dam or lock gate fractures…)
  • for diving under the hull of a ship
  • and for any undersea maintenance work (welding, crack filling…)

When attached or affixed to a diving bottle, used as a small light marker, the light produced by the Cyalume lightstick or light patch is discrete, and can help a diver locate other divers working above or below them.

Today, many surface marker buoys have a small pouch at the top of the bag. It can be used to accommodate a Cyalume SnapLight lightstick while holding it aloft, so that the diver’s presence is far more visible in the dark from the surface.

For more information about diving in the dark, click here!

Cyalume products are easy to use, waterproof and buoyant, guaranteeing a high level of safety. They fully comply with NORSOK and HSE standards. Cyalume light tubes exceed user requirements in terms of efficiency and as a reliable source of light for diving.

Nuclear sector

For nuclear applications, there is a constant concern to have personal protective equipment and lighting that protects the physical and moral integrity of the teams, or that lessens the risks prevailing in maintenance operations that may be performed at night, or in explosive confined areas.

That is why the specialists on these highly sensitive nuclear sites also use Cyalume products:

  • as part of their HP work to improve personnel visibility
  • as a means of evacuation for work inside containments
  • to improve personnel location
  • for the marking out of hazardous areas, emergency lighting in confined containments and blind workshops
  • as backup lighting…

To date, Cyalume has worked on the Romans FBFC site for Areva to complete the site evacuation plan in the event of a seismic breach being detected. AREVA drafted a technical memo under the No. PRO NOT 11 8217.

The site is now fitted with 188 Lightstations, models 20, 10 and 4, as well as magnetic bases and the corresponding sticks.

Cyalume regularly supplies the Fast Action Nuclear forces (FARN) and the Gendarmerie Protection Specialized Squads (PSPG) working on the EDF sites per the established and changing protocols for complementary independent lighting means for lighting, marking out and circulation, as well as the tactical lighting needs (infrared) for intrusion and pursuit action.

A number of the AREVA, CEA, ANDRA, ITER and EDF sites have also tested our products during drills to harmonize the protocols and generalize their use on the post-Fukushima pilot sites and units. These efforts are still underway in an endeavor to address the site interoperability requirements for applications like:

  • marking, signaling, identification of personnel and installations,
  • confined space maintenance lighting solutions
  • crisis evacuation and control systems

Extreme environments

Whether it concerns living or working in extreme environments, such as offshore rigs, industrial worksites in the desert, base camps in arid or hostile environments, Cyalume lighting offers an ideal solution as emergency lighting, standby lighting, lighting for power outage, independent lighting.

Companies working in oil, mining and construction and public works, all over the world, under climatic, environmental and political conditions that are often uncertain, may have recourse to this type of lighting to warrant the safety of their personnel, guarantee operation and forestall any risks that electrical outage could cause.

Cyalume lightsticks, sometimes called fluo sticks, are ideal for sensitive or extreme environments. Their performance is guaranteed in terms of illumination and light intensity, wherever the lightstick is used.

Extreme and fast changing weather phenomena can also require the use of this type of lighting, for instance in storms generating gusts of wind and precipitation (rain, snow or hail).

In other areas where there is a risk of cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons or tornadoes, Cyalume lightsticks are particularly useful and valuable ways of preparing for this type of weather phenomenon and circumventing the risks. Adding light sticks to emergency or survival kits is a way of circumventing total electrical outage or for marking out or identification after this type of disaster.