Lighting for special events and communication by objects.

Lightsticks for bringing a concert or a sporting event to life

Cyalume lightsticks are practical and specifically designed to highlight certain scenes of a show: they can be amazing visible lighting accessories that may surprise the audience. Used in the dark of a theater or a concert hall, the 40 cm lightsticks are always greeted enthusiastically. They become a stage accessory in their own right.


Flexbands are also particularly popular among concert and musical event audiences, just like fluo sticks. Once shaken and held aloft by the audience, these fluo sticks are an event in themselves, creating a visual mass effect which can make the event really spectacular.

During sports events, smoke flares and bombs that were particularly popular among supporters are no longer allowed because they are flammable and dangerous for use in public places. Cyalume products can easily replace smoke flares and are completely harmless, whether activated or not. For instance, the 40cm lightstick can be used for hours and gives off no flames, smoke or heat. It is totally harmless to users and the people around them.

Lightsticks for launching a new product

Do you want to launch a new product and attract people’s attention? Do you want people to remember your product? Do you want to create a surprise with a resounding impact? Just choose Cyalume lightsticks or markers – original lighted objects to bring your product development to the front.

Add to the impact of an original message by adding a lightstick or marker to its launching operation! Bear in mind that the SnapLight 15cm packages can be customized. Attach a logo or a message to them to make them more memorable and enhance the originality of your communication operation.

Accessories for team building, corporate events, seminars

Whatever team building project you opt for, a nighttime trek through the desert, or a simple beach party, your team will enjoy using Cyalume lightsticks at nightfall or in the dark. Cyalume is essential for adding a magic touch to your events. The products are easy to use by anybody, and to share. All it takes is a little imagination to find multiple applications and the light tube will move to the stage center of your event. Just try it!

Light patches like VisiPad (a rectangular lighted marker) or LightShape (a circular lighted marker) can also be used to mark out or identify different types of people attending night parties or events:

  • parties for singles or student parties with different personal colors during special events.
  • startup parties with markings for different people to distinguish between company executives, investors, banks, communication agencies, the press…
  • night-time team races to mark out obstacles, identify the teams, mark the route, highlight the finish area

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