Lighting for power cuts

How do you light your home if there is a power cut?


During bad weather, failure of the electricity grid or peaks of electricity consumption can sometimes cause electrical grids to become unstable, causing electricity outlet, also known as power cuts.


We depend on electricity to the point that once we find ourselves in total darkness, there is no easy way of being independent and doing without. Obviously, the first thing that everybody wants when a power cut occurs, and when it is dark, is to obtain a light, a reliable light for seeing and finding your way around a house or apartment which is plunged into deepest darkness.


Although candles and flashlights are often used, they soon encounter their limits:


  • candles mean having something to light them (matches or lighters) and they are not the safest of means; a candle which tips over onto a tablecloth or a mat can set the home on fire.
  • a flashlight or a pocket light runs on batteries and unless you check the state of the batteries regularly, and keep a stock in the house, their use may be highly compromised if the batteries have drained, or if there are no spare batteries available! It is also often complicated to have as many flashlights as there are places to be lighted in the house…

The Cyalume is the solution for lighting in the event of a power cut


Nothing compares with the use of Cyalume lightsticks if the power fails at home or in the office. Their very low cost and their shelf life of up to 5 years means that the premises can be equipped with a generous number of lightsticks in different sizes and colors.


They are completely autonomous, do not represent a risk of flammability, emitting sparks and generating heat. They are a safe means of emergency lighting or fast backup lighting, which is easily implemented.


Having a lightstick to hand means that you can find your way around in the dark, reach the right decisions regarding evacuation, and also avoid any moments of panic, reassuring your children in the dark and waiting for return to normal and better conditions.

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